Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reason #546 I became an art teacher....

I need lots of hugs.

I just didn't realize how starved for hugs I was until I went 9 days without any.

To put into perspective how long 9 days is, generally our Christmas break is only about 7 1/2 days so on February 1st, when the big blizzard hit, no one realized we would be out of school for NINE days!!

The problem was the extremely cold temperatures and the repeated small snow storms that made back roads and side streets impassable with ice and snow.

I have to say, I enjoyed all of my days off. Every, single, one, of them.

I cooked, cleaned, baked, sewed, made Valentines, made movies, painted my nails, took naps, folded laundry, matched all of the un-matched socks, organized my crafting supplies, watched movies, spent time with friends, played games--both with friends and on my iphone, worked out (A LOT), shoveled snow, and got caught up on my favorite trash t.v. shows.

I did things that I normally just don't have time for--having nine days off was awesome! I didn't get bored...maybe a tiny bit lonely a couple of days, but I had friends over, chatted on FB and SKYPE and went to the gym to combat the loneliness.

I read blogs. I mailed packages.

I drank coffee and stared out the window.

It was so relaxing and wonderful.

Now I am back into the swing of things....and I find myself longing for those free days....

My real life is just so busy. Almost every evening is full the next few weeks--not including going to the gym--which will make for really long days if I go AFTER the late afternoon and evening things I have to do. Many things got messed up and postponed due to the snow days and now they are all getting crammed into the 5.5 weeks until Spring Break. Some nights are so full of things to do, I need TWO of me just to do everything.

I am dreading St. Patrick's day-- I was looking forward to the 3rd Thursday art walk, but now it looks like I will be doing an all-school art show that night--I just can't be two places at once-- and I would rather go to the artwalk!

So the moral of the story is, I will need a steady supply of hugs to get through the next few busy weeks. I didn't realize how much I appreciate hugs until I went 9 days with none. Today a girl hugged me and I almost started crying---it was exactly what I needed.

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Josie Mai said...

I'll try to remember to hug you next time I see you! What a sweet post!