Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year in review...and looking ahead...

Year in Review. I am too lazy to do a photography year in review, because that involves accessing photos from my external hard drive...and I don't really feel like making a bunch of links back through all of my posts....But luckily, Kara inspired me to make a list similar to hers in regards to last year.  These are the thoughts that I will remember about last year.

1. Went to Vegas for the first time
2. turned 27
3. wore lots of wigs
4. went on a super fun road trip from Lake Havasu, AZ to San Diego CA and back to Vegas with my brother and his family
5. Went to the Costa Mesa Swap Meet
6. took lots of Holga photos
7. learned how to print in a darkroom
8. entered a 3-minute film competition and got 2nd place
9. hosted and organized TWO women's crafting retreats
11. went to a Monday night football game
12. my house got robbed
13. improved my sewing skills--made like 10 aprons
14. spent Halloween seeing Roger Waters in concert and then Power and Light--best costume party EVER
15. learned how to sleep in on the weekends
16. went to a Lady Gaga concert
17. sang karaoke duets
18. finally visited my grandparents in Texas
19. took scuba classes
20. threw lots of really fun parties
21. played hours worth of Words with Friends
22. read almost 10 books (I think)
23. started a Lomography club in Joplin
24. volunteered at a local charity over Christmas Break--the Ronald McDonald House
25. served on the education committee at Spiva (time spent sitting in meetings, working at local events and donating my art for fundraisers)
26. set up my own art exhibit at a local art walk
27. made a new friend that I met in an online class
28. took several online crafting classes
29. mentored a student after school once a week/'adopted' a student--by purchasing her some new clothes
30. taught my 5th year of elementary art

Goals from Last Year Revisited:
1. Give back more. My main goal for this year is to do more volunteering. I want to give more of my energy, time and money to people who really need it.  I think I did a pretty good job of this. Always room for improvement, but I feel like I did my best.
2. One little word: GIVE
This year, my one little word will be give. It is such an easy thing to do. I feel like I have a lot of things I can give to my students, friends and family...but also to those who are really in need. This goal should be measurable and even if it isn't something I can do every day or week, I know that I will reap the many benefits of giving...generosity, spreading random acts of kindness...it is important to me this year. An on going goal...I haven't set my One Little Word for this year. I tried to be as giving as possible, but I know I can always do better.
3. I want to continue with project 52. I ordered another journal and I intend to do it again. I will probably include more photo collages printed on cardstock from Picnik....maybe one every week or for major events. I decided not to do project 52. I still have the calendar, I may do it again in a year or two, I stated a couple of journals from various online classes. There isn't as much journaling involved, but I save keepsakes and play around with photos and found papers so it is good.
4. Write more quality blog posts. This is always something I strive for. I enjoy reading blog posts that are funny, entertaining and that have a good message. If I am not inspired, I try not to force it. If I haven't done anything creative, I don't load my blog with fluff. I haven't been posting as often this winter, but I am hoping to feel more inspired soon.
5. Continue my card swap club--super fun! The card club stayed alive, but died in the summer. Poor attendance....people stopped making time for it. Maybe it just wasn't as cool as I thought. I had a lot of fun and built up my card stash. I donated a big pile of extra cards from the swaps to a care package bound for a soldier shipping out to Afganistan. I actually haven't stamped since September-GASP!
6. Host a scrapbooking retreat: Nelliepalooza (in April for my birthday). I live in Joplin Missouri...if you are interested in finding out more please email me or leave a comment, it is going to be awesome! It was awesome. I even hosted part deux in the fall and am planning Nelliepalooza the Third this April. Can't wait!
7. Travel. I am planning a trip over spring break to Las Vegas for a few days and then over to Lake Havasu to visit my brother and new nephew--YAY!! I can't wait! YAY! Lake Havasu and Vegas in March...and then again in July, plus SoCal, a St. Louis weekend, a Branson weekend, a couple of KC nights, and a trip to Dallas in November. Not bad!
8. Concerts. I want to see more live music. Period. Two major concerts--Gaga and Rogers...Plus a few random local shows.
9. Really work on crocheting. I want to be able to crochet stuff. I suck at crocheting. I gave it a good go...and I might pick it up again this winter, but I am impatient.
10. Make some clothes, bags and other accessories using my new sewing machine. I really want to get good at sewing...maybe make some stuff for my Etsy shop. I haven't posted anything in my Etsy shop in a year, it is so much work to photograph, edit, write descriptions, post items, advertise, keep current, re-list, package, ship, etc. I have gotten better at sewing, I wouldn't say GOOD....I have probably made 10 aprons, and started using stitching in my crafty creations.
11. Photography. I want a Fujifilm mini 7 instant camera. Bad. I also want to work on taking more photos with Holga....and I want to invest in more equipment so that I can do some senior pictures, family pictures and kids photos for a profit....I got an instax and I love it. I recently posted a photo wall with 90 photos from last year in my living room (photos coming soon!). It is such a fun camera. I have started learning darkroom techniques and want to put a dark room in my basement--more for fun and experimenting than anything. This year, I want to get a negative scanner.
12. Cook more. I truly enjoy cooking a beautiful meal. I typed all of my favorite recipes into a book for my sister for Christmas. I am going to print out a copy for myself and add to it throughout the year. Ha! I just printed the recipes this week. I just need to cut them apart and organize them into a book. I have done pretty good with cooking, made ham and beans, potato soup, biscuits from scratched (they sucked), pulled pork, rolls, katherines potatos, roast, deviled eggs, all kinds of delicious things this year!

Goals for 2011:

1. Keep volunteering.
2. Make and give more handmade gifts--especially sewn things for new babies.
3. Get my photos organized
4. Get a new comforter--I really want something awesome from Anthro
5. Frame more of my Holga and darkroom photos, get artwork ready for a real show in a real gallery and photo competitions
6. Organize the files on my computer
7. Work hard to create a successful and amazing summer art program at a local art center
8. Seriously think about what I want to do next....masters? move? teach forever?
9. I got a membership to the gym....I hope to work out at least 10 times a month ;-)
10. Watch one foreign film every month (this month I watched 3 streaming on Netflix)
11. Be more spontaneous
12. Don't schedule so much stuff to do--make more time for my family. I envy that family on parenthood, they see each other all the time...I want to do that too.
13. Be a better friend. Have more real conversations, be more supportive, more loving....

 All of the photos in this post were taken on my mac, with the photo booth. I converted them to B&W using picnik...and the Holga-ish application. Quick and easy way to create a coherent series of self-portraits. 


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