Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting ready for some football....

No matter which teams end up competing for the Championship in the Superbowl, I always enjoy watching the game with my friends...even if I am not really rooting for either team.

One thing we do every year is make a betting board before the game starts, everyone writes their initials under their 'guess' and puts $5 into a pot.
We keep track of what happens during the game and at the end, the person with the most correct guesses, gets the pot of cash.

It keeps the game interesting, and its always a lot of fun with 10+ people.

I am really excited about the Superbowl this year. I always love getting together with all of my friends.

I also love getting together to eat SuperBowl snacks....Someone always makes chili, cheese dip and all sorts of other yummy foods....This year I am bringing:

Smoky Bacon Wraps

White Bean Chicken Chili

The Superbowl party is really the best excuse to pig-out in the winter months....there really aren't many other 'food' holidays between Christmas and Easter. (Unless you go out for Fat Tuesday--and we have a favorite place in town with a great Marti Gras Buffet)

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