Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December 1st!

This photo was taken Christmas morning last December. I remember waking up to a beautiful new fallen snow!

I was so excited that I grabbed my Holga and ran outside to take pictures.

I hope we get lots more snow this year, it makes for great lomography!

I am so happy that it is December 1st.
I am on top of things this year.
I mean like REALLY on top of things.

My Christmas cards went in the mail yesterday. That's right, I hand-stamped and made each one (over 60), added a photo, hand-addressed the envelopes, and had them ready to be mailed weeks ago. 
The cards for my co-workers are ready to be distributed too!

My Christmas candy recipes are printed, most of the ingredients are already purchased and I am ready for a fun day of treat making this Saturday. 

My Christmas party is planned. The invites are already sent out. I'm preparing some of the treats this Saturday (a week in advance). I just need to finalize my costume (that's right, it is themed-- SNL Christmas!) and prepare a few more menu items. 
I ordered my gift for the gift exchange today so as soon as it comes I can wrap it and be ready.
Oh, and I need to put a few more decorations up.  
I want to make some more paper chains, but I have a few in the works.

The Christmas tree has been up for a couple of weeks already. 
I even added a mini-tree with vintage ornaments on the porch this year. 
The lights are on the house. 
Most of my gifts are wrapped and under the tree. (not all, but most)

I have a few more hand-made gifts to start/finish but I am excited about my progress. 
I am burning all of our old VHS home movies, from when we were little, on to DVDs for my brother. 
I created a photo book for the ladies in my family.
I want to sew an apron for my student teacher to wish her well in the future. Her birthday and graduation are in a couple of weeks. 
I plan to make my mom a photo memorabilia box. 

My December Daily is ready today!! YIPPEEE! I prepared the main album weeks ago, just need to start taking pictures and journaling. 
Today's blog post will be part of that journaling.

It feels nice to look at my list of things that are done. 
I'm going to be selective this year about what I do/don't do. 
I'm going to take time to savor family traditions. And maybe make a few new ones.
I'm going to spend more time gazing at the tree. 
I'm going to eat fewer 'junk' snacks and focus really enjoying the 'seasonal' ones that are only around once a fudge...and maybe some eggnog.

I'm going to (hopefully) drive around and look at lights.
I'm going to tape more videos.
I'm going to enjoy.
And savor.
And read. 
I am currently reading Bill Bryson, At Home: A Short History of Private Life.
And swim.
Scuba classes started last night...working towards certification.
And keep the stress out of Christmas Eve, everyone celebrates at the same time, its hard to visit everyone that day!

I am so happy that it is December. 
I hope to be a better blogger this month, it will help my December Daily if I am vigilant with my journaling.

Bring on the holidays!! I am ready!


Kristin said...

Love that first shot, TFS

twinjulie said...

Loved your Christmas card... and was so impressed that you got them out so early! Love your creativity Nellie!