Monday, December 20, 2010

Classroom stories and an apron

I'm back.
Like for real...I'm back. My student teacher is basically done so I have all my old responsibilities 100% now. Its a little lonely, but I'm getting by.

It is the week before Christmas the kids are as wild as ever. Its amazing how many crazy things you hear in one day. A boy saluted me today 'Yes Captain,' he said.

Another boy, talking to some girls at his table said that his parents allowed him to watch rated R movies. I was assisting the group with cleaning or something when he leaned in and asked ME if I knew what 'nudity' was....I said 'What?!' I wasn't entirely sure I had heard him correctly but he repeated, "Do you know what nudity means? Its like NAKED, he half-whispered.' I replied, 'Young man, I know what nudity is, and its not an appropriate conversation so I suggest you stop talking about those rated R movies before I call your parents and let them know what you've been talking about during art.' He replied with a sincere, "yes ma'am."

 Today, I sat watching my students coloring...normally, I am circulating...moving around giving suggestions, tossing around praise and redirecting student behavior...but this week, I won't matter how many times I say 'Do your best coloring' or 'Maybe you could add this here, or that there'....I will get an ample number of 'I don't want to' or 'I'm leaving it like this' responses...not matter what I suggest...So I am releasing the reigns a bit. Relaxing, lest I get stressed.

Anyway, a student came up and told me that the day after tomorrow she gets to go to her dad's for Christmas. Whispering and hugging her hands up under her chin she said, "And I'm going to sneak up on Santa!" And then she looked at me...and gave me a huge hug. And I gave her my widest, happiest eyes and smile...and said, "but you don't want to ruin the magic?!" And she said whispering with delight, "We are going to sneak up on Santa...stay up really whole family...we are going to hide behind the couch!" And then she gave me another hug and skipped off back to her seat.

Christmas really is magical. Kids do make Christmas more special...and I am totally in favor of prolonging the magic of Santa for as long as possible. I'm just ready for a vacation. Let Santa take over...and let me rest.

My student teacher graduated Saturday.
I made her a birthday+christmas+graduation+thanksforbeingawesome gift. A gift card to a local teacher store...some Lisa Frank stickers for her classroom...and an apron made with Ikea fabric to wear in her classroom. Its white...and I know it will get dirty...but the fabric was too cute not to use.

Big pockets...and a big orange ruffle.
I might have to make one for myself!

How is your week going?

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Kate said...

That apron is darling!

My week is lovely so far. My students are full of excitement about the holidays but continuing to be their typical, wonderfully behaved selves. I am enjoying every moment with this wonderful group of kids, bc I know full well not every year is like this! :)

Merry Christmas!