Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Favorites {A Treasury}

So often, I browse Etsy, mark an item or a shop as a favorite and then never look at the stuff again.

Most of the things that I {heart} on Etsy are things that I want for myself or that I love looking at.

Today I decided to honor some of those favorite things by listing them in a treasury.

This is my WISH list, and I wanted to share it with you (not because I want presents) but because I want to show my appreciation to these fantastic little artists for all of their hard work, I know that running an Etsy shop isn't easy. These are the little things that I think about after I close my computer....Seriously, Hand Crafted Wooden cat eye glasses, SWOON!

To visit my treasury, or any of the items below, click here: Thursday Favorites

Owls are my favorite animal, but I recently admitted to my students that foxes are my 2nd favorite.....

Have you ever made a treasury on Etsy?

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