Thursday, April 5, 2012

New York according to my iPhone, part 2

Rockefeller Center (I really wanted to go ice skating!)

30 Rock!

The real Sleeping Gypsy!

Starry Night (Why didn't I get my photo with this one?)

Red Room by Matisse, Josie's favorite painting at the MOMA

We waited in line for a really long time outside the Whitney for the Biennial Show that recently opened. I told Josie that if we got in there, and there was nothing but big white canvases on white walls, I would be very upset. Low and behold....a room full of big white canvases. These are part of the Whitney's private collection, not the Biennial show.
I uploaded more photos a few days ago....See part 1 here.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL at the white canvases! I love the contrast between that photo and the first flag photo. . . almost complete opposites.