Sunday, November 13, 2011

Morgan's English Tea Party Bridal Shower

Today, I had the fun pleasure of helping host tea party bridal shower! It was SO much fun!


For the theme, we used Morgan's wedding colors....which is basically champagne....we added some silver and gold and since she loves peacocks, we used feathers throughout the decor.
A white peackcock lives near the home where I grew up and my aunt saved a bunch of his feathers for a few years. They are WAY prettier than any white peacock feathers I found online, so I asked her to borrow them for a centerpiece. (Thanks Auntie Robyn!!) The giant champagne class is a left over from a friend's wedding. I painted a big gold and champagne peacock eye feather on it.

We used a handmade lace table cloth, real and paper doilies and lots of fancy real china for the decorations and for the food.
 We wanted it to feel like a really fancy tea party!

 Mint chocolate diamond rings. The mold is from Hobby Lobby, really first time using a candy mold!
Stormi had these beautiful petit fours made, and they were so delicious!
I made these little cucumber tea sandwiches. SO yummy! Recipe here. There are many recipes online...I just used this one because it said FANCY in the title!

 We had a bunch of tea flavors.....
And lots of things to add real sugar cubes, honey, and lemon.
There was SO much yummy food. Stormi made some delicious scones, and Lindsay made some delicious chicken salad sandwiches.
Morgan and her mom admiring the spread!
The Party Planning Committee.... Stormi, Me and Lindsay. (Also Julie....but she had a baby 3 days ago, welcome to the world Emily Grace!)  You can see here how dramatic the peacock feathers were!

We requested that everyone wear 'elegant tea party attire'.....I was hoping people would wear hats....but I knew that since I didn't specify, it probably wouldn't I made these little hair combs. So easy and cute! Just took some hair combs, added some feathers, and a little bit of glittery tulle and viola! (BTW, I spray painted the non-white hair combs gold, easy transformation!)

Here you can sort of see the punch....I borrowed Julie's dispenser, made an ice ring with fruit in it and used this punch recipe. Thanks, Pinterest!

At the shower, we played All About the Bride. Guests answered questions about Morgan, and they got a point if they wrote down what she said...and a bonus point if the groom also guessed the same answer.

Guests were also asked to make a little Magnetic Poetry poem for the bride.

I made a single sheet of words, using some from the Magnetic Poetry and some added words that related to the bride and groom and everyone cut out their own little poem and glued them to black paper for Morgan to take home.

SO CUTE! Morgan texted me a couple of them.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Morgan with the party guests!



The nieces.

English tea party!!! SO ADORABLE!! 

My gift to Morgan....toasting glasses for the wedding, matching the big one from the table. She found some on Etsy that she loved, but they were super expensive ($75!!)

Wow, what a great day!!

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