Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Walk with the Lensbaby part 1.

I absolutely love going downtown for art walk. Every Third Thursday in Joplin, artists set up downtown and it is free an open for the public to view the artwork.

Most of the art is not displayed in normal galleries, it is set up on folding tables, and in temporary display units in the shops downtown. It is a lot of work to set up a whole show for just one night...and this summer has been super hot, but if you build it, they will come!

I enjoy looking at what local artists do, but I really love taking pictures downtown. Last week I shot with my Lensbaby attachment on my Nikon D5000.

Downtown Joplin is so beautiful. I really love it when they block off the streets!
This was an amazing 'town-hall' event...citizens could give input on what they wanted to see created in the destructed areas of Joplin.
This guy didn't like my dress and jewelery....he whispered 'shame on you' as I walked past him to get photos of the girls doing Zumba in the street. Guess he doesn't like vintage.

I love Zumba! I try to do Zumba three times a week at the are my instructors and classmates doing zumba in the street--it was an awesome event!

I would've been out there with them but I made up excuses for why I couldn't (and wouldn't): I ate dinner downtown before they got started and I was too full to dance, it was too hot, it was the second day of school and my feet were too sore, I love to Zumba but I am not very good and I would've been too embarrassed to do it in front of the whole town, but most importantly I was dressed up {vintage style} and didn't have time to change before art walk.

Don't these balloons look awesome with the lensbaby?!
Thanks for reading, look for more pictures tomorrow and peak at my {vintage style} dress!

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kszwahl said...

I love seeing shots of downtown Joplin. I brings back lots of great memories. Keep posting!