Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Reading

 This summer, I've been totally addicted to trashy romance novels!! 

It seems that when I get in the mood to read, I am not motivated to accomplish anything else. 

I will proudly boast that I have spent more than one morning, in bed, reading until almost 11:00 a.m. after staying up until after midnight reading. 

I have spent hours and hours with my nose in the books this summer, and it has been wonderful. 

What have I been reading, you ask? 

I am so glad you asked, I will tell you....I've been completely addicted to the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. 

I finished 4 of the books while I was in Arizona in June....and had to download the last book on my phone because it isn't out in paperback yet and I had to know what happened! 

As soon as I got home from my trip I went out and bought every single one of the Highlander Series books...and I just finished that series as well. 

The thing I've gotten from both book series, is an escape....they allow me to travel to Ireland and Scotland, and visit castles and fall in love with sexy time-traveling, magical, mysterious men. It is an escape I have desperately needed. 
Sorry for the pathetic picture. I am writing this at 1:24 a.m. and I don't have any other photos on my computer, or the motivation to go take another picture, besides...its too dark now anyway.

I can't decide if I should start a new series or devote a bit of that energy to blogging/crafting/cleaning....hmmmm.....

What are you reading this summer? I'm thinking about the Hunger Games, do you know anything about those books?


Rachel said...

I read the Hunger Games trilogy and enjoyed it. It kind of reminded me of Orson Scott Card's Enders Game, also a good read.

Angie said...

I absolutely loved the Hunger Games. I listened to this books at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately, almost all of my reading this summer has been professional books, so I don't have anything else good to recommend.

kszwahl said...

Definitely give the Hunger Games a try. Suzanne Collins is a great writer. My daughter wouldn't read anything until someone recommended this series. Let us know how you like them.
In the mean time I'll try the Fever series. I have read tons this summer also. Mostly mystery/thrillers like Janet Evanovich's Sizzlin' Seventeen, and a trilogy Eve, Quinn and soon, Bonnie by Iris Johansen.
Love summer reading too,

Melissa said...

Don't you just love Jericho? I could eat him up! That series was awesome.

You might give JR Ward's Brotherhood series or Sherilynn Kenyon's Dark Hunters next. I've loved them both. Kenyon also has a couple of young adult books that are really good that are about a character from the Dark Hunters books. It tells about his youth growing up in New Orleans.

Nellie Mae said...

I found the first book in the Hunger games series on Amazon.com for my iphone kindle reader for $4.95 so I downloaded it. I haven't started it yet. I own a couple of the JR Ward books but haven't read them (wonder where they are?!).


Thanks for all the comments. I love coming back to people suggestions whenever I need a new book!!!

Anonymous said...

Hunger games was great! Will be made into a movie.