Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer blogging fail.

That's right, I've been the worst blogger ever this summer. And I'm okay with that.

My friend Whitney Scott mentioned that it has been too hot to blog, and she's right!! It has been miserably hot in Missouri this summer. In Joplin, we had a record blizzard, a record tornado, a record heat wave...I'm afraid of what might come next.

I had super high hopes of writing 'A Year in Kindergarten Art' blog series this summer over on my teacher blog page This Little Class of Mine. (Embarrassingly, I haven't posted anything new since January, even though I had a student teacher this spring and had plenty of time to write up new content. I blame it on my old, super slow laptop!)

I have photos from nearly everything that I did last year, but the one project I don't have a picture of is the mural project I do the second week of school...and without a photo of the project I have done 80 times (I'm not exaggerating, 11 classes of kindergarten, 2 classes of first grade, over 6 years of teaching, I've done it literally 78 times) I just don't have the motivation to write the blog series without a photo of that project.
 I also had high hopes of sharing a series of blog posts dedicated to Roylco, the art supply company who sent me some great supplies for my modified art class for students with special needs. The photo above shows some life-size characters the class made using the pre-cut shapes from Roylco. It was a wonderful project for that class and I am excited to share how they did it.

I guess I will be writing the kindergarten art series once school starts, with each lesson plan going up right after we finish it sprinkled with lessons about art for kids with special needs.

Anyway, I haven't had much motivation to write anything this summer, especially not lesson plans.

My guilt about avoiding a project about lesson plans has kept me from writing anything at all.

I'm hoping to change that tonight. What started out as one really super long post is now getting broken up into several smaller posts for this week. I have to take advantage of my writing mood while I am feeling it!

Tomorrow I am going to school for the first time since June check on my school supplies and gather some project samples for my friend Danielle, she just got her first elementary art job and I am going to visit her in St. Louis next weekend.

So anyway, thanks for being patient with me and watch for more posts later this week!!

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