Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Can you see Hagrid? and Voldemort? and Hedwig? and Harry?

I took these photos the last day of art. My kindergarteners made pocket portfolios. This kid likes Harry Potter...and that day, he made me happy. Very happy. (Almost as happy as this puppet pal video on youtube)

He didn't know how to spell their names, so he used a little initial above each character's drawing. 5-Year-Olds are so cute! 

I found these photos today and I just HAD to share. I think we are all just grasping at straws for normalcy around here....trying to talk about sports, or television...or anything but the tornado, or the weather for that matter....

Anyone know a good spell for normal?

Nellie starts with an 'N'...maybe if I make a little 'N' above a drawing of myself, I will feel a little better? 'N' can stand for Nellie and Normal....

I am looking forward to doing a lot of blogging this summer--packed with photography, writing, and some art teacher stuff. Hope you'll keep reading!!

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