Thursday, October 1, 2009

One little word. {Inspire}

I thought it was a good time to make a list of things that are inspiring me right now. Okay, so maybe they aren't all an 'inspiration' but they are making me happy! This will make a great scrapbook page!

1. m&m minis.....okay, maybe they aren't technically inspiring me to make anything special, they are super delicious though...they are keeping me going.

2. Where the Wild Things Are. I am planning to do a lesson at school with this book. I cannot wait! The movie will be here soon, I know it will be fabulous. Watch the trailer here.

3. Blind contour and contour line drawings of old cameras. Really, I cannot get enough. See more pictures tomorrow! Also, see this post. I love Elsie's blog. Superb. Also, see this etsy shop with some super cute camera stuff.

4. Words with Friends. It is a scrabble-like application on my phone. I am loving it. Even more than my scrabble addiction...I {heart} this. I cannot stop thinking about how cute it is. I need it. Fo sho.

5. Aprons. I am loving making vintage aprons at the moment. I keep looking at aprons on etsy for ideas....Here is my Halloween apron--it has lots of pockets. I am modeling it with my sis last weekend.

6. I love this owl stocking. Soooo cute....Yes, I am thinking about Christmas...I have started listening to carols and making Christmas crafts...See the shop @ Etsy.

7. This blog. I LOVE her beautiful prints and drawings. The natural found objects that she surrounds herself with are just lovely. I am absolutely in love with her sketchbook pages....

8. Glee. I love this t.v. show. It is sooooo funny! I especially love Kurt!

9. Ohmygosh! Checky out the handbags over here. My student teacher bought one last weekend in KC, they are fabby. Check out the blog here.

10. I need this.

11. {Noddin' my head like yeah. Movin' my hips like yeah} Okay, I keep listening to "Party in the U.S.A." when I need a pick-me-up. Thanks Miley Cyrus--this song is the pop music 'Achey Breaky Heart.' Cliché. Catchy. Super annoying. Highly addictive. Forever stuck in my head. {I throw my hands up and the butterflies fly away, 'cause there's a party in the U.S.A.}

12. Seriously thinking about being an owl for Halloween. Thanks Martha.

FYI--I have to have a 'school appropriate costume' for our fall festival...but I totally have the Wonder Woman look going for I may be Wonder Woman for the Halloween parties I go to this year.

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Lindsay Harrison said...

Ooh, love the owl stocking! Makes me want to have a proper Christmas set up at my house this year... well, maybe I will make a bucket tree instead of a real tree!

Is that your blind contour drawing? I haven't done those since figure drawing in college!