Friday, October 2, 2009

{Aw Snap} October is Upon us!

Oh wow, my October is looking very busy. I apologize in advance if a few days go by with no posts. :-( I may attempt to write short iphone entries a couple of times a week....just to stay active. I have several projects planned including a custom scrapbook for a friend with a Christmas deadline...and a custom guest book for my friend Danielle who is getting married at the end of October. I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance to work on those things!

Anyway, here are some lovely drawings I did a couple of weeks ago. I have a student teacher this is so nice because I have a helper with grades, art displays and clean up so we tend to get things done very quickly. This has given me time to prepare examples for future projects and do a bit of drawing for myself. I will admit that drawing does not come easily for me.

Let me explain. I can look at something and draw it. I can draw something fairly well, with practice. Sometimes I hate drawing. Drawing can be boring. It is mentally challenging and I have to force myself to sit and draw. I know that I can draw well if I practice, and I am too busy/lazy to practice very often.

Last spring, I got to participate in Art Lab with the Spiva art Gallery and the first session was a two-hour drawing experience. We spent 2 hours creating sketches and drawings for an image bank that we later used for installation art at the gallery. I really enjoyed the time we spent drawing, it changed my perception of drawing in general and I have been itching to set aside time to draw since then....

I brought in a bunch of old cameras (and my computer!) and did some blind contour drawings of each one. I am thinking of doing the same thing with an old beach cruiser, and other vintage things around my house.
Then I did some (not blind) contour line drawings with a black pen of the old cameras. I love all the lines and shapes...this was sooo fun. Drawing can be so theraputic. I will also admit that I was partially inspired by this etsy store.

A parade of old cameras: Brownie, Polaroid, Polaroid (2) Diana, and Holga. (Above, iZone polaroid!!)

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