Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally, some play time!

Wow! My blog candy prize arrived on Friday and I am just now getting to play around with it. Lisa sent me the most wonderful package of ribbon and an awesome stamp set. I remember seeing a great tutorial using the stamp set featuring embossing and a brayer...I will have to look around for it...hopefully I can find it and make something equally as beautiful. My favorite part of the prize is the ribbon! A girl can never have enough. This wonderful stash found a home in this cute little jar!

Lisa also sent me this great card!! I love it, the layers are beautiful!!

Tonight was one of my first nights in my craft room in almost 2 weeks so I made a sweet little card using some of the ribbon. I also spent some time getting ready for my swap club on Thursday. I will be posting my cards and projects for that soon.

I decided to post a couple of fun little butterfly cards and make this one ginormous post with tons of goodies. These are great because I stamped on some watercolor paper.


And by the way....seriously check out this tutorial on white balance. I figured out that I can do the same maneuvers in my iPhoto is super easy and I don't even have to open Photoshop! It has made a huge difference in my photos already!!

I hope that you notice the difference and it will improve the quality of my blog overall. All of the photos in this post have been altered...because they were almost all taken tonight!

This is a pair of my favorite spring/summer shoes. I used it as a practice picture. The one on the bottom is the one that has the white balance adjusted...the one on the top is a normal photo that I probably would've used on my blog.

OOh!! And before I forget, I am a winner over at Simply Creating! Krista chose my card for the May challenge!! I just love the Treetops stamp set and I used it on this card for the challenge.

Okay, that is enough for tonight. I have been feeling pretty inspired lately. I think we are going camping this weekend so I will have to try to get some crafting in this week!

I may not have said this lately, but thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog. Every time I get a compliment it pushes me to work harder and do more. My 'one little word' for this year is INSPIRE. You inspire me with your comments, thank you...I hope that I can inspire you with my ideas and information. Also, I haven't forgotten about the blog awards....just been busy! Thanks for the sweet awards girls!!


Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...

Great stuff as always and CUTE shoes too! :)

Sarah said...

Those shoes are too cute!
Love all your cards as usual.
I just bought some watercolor paper to use my watercolor crayons and pencils with..however my stamped ink kept running..sigh. I will have to try stamping like you did I love the look.
Congrats on getting picked by Krista!!!