Monday, February 9, 2009

Easy Scrapbooking.

I have done a few challenges this week, I just haven't had time/daylight hours to take pictures of the finished projects. I will try to post some new good stuff tomorrow. Tonight I had a workshop at my house and it was awesome, except for when my cat lit his tail on fire on a candle and the whole house smelled like singed hair...hehe....I made chocolate covered strawberries to match the card and had Hershey's kisses for the kissing technique! I made a yummy dip and we had a fun night making crafty stuff!!

Here are some really cool scrapbook page inserts that Close to My Heart carries to fit inside their standard albums. There are a couple of different varieties including 4 pocket and 6 pocket pages. This is the 6 pocket holders. I put our Christmas candy-making pictures in a single sleeve and made a little journaling card for one of the pockets. The front is the title card and the back 'recipe' is for the journaling. (There are also pictures on the reverse side of this sleeve, I didn't take a picture.) This annual event is scrapbooked! Done and done!

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