Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge: #20 Emma

Here is this week's entry for the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. I decided to watch this movie on Sunday via YouTube, all 12 parts. I couldn't help but compare it to the movie Clueless over and over as it is loosely based on this great Jane Austen classic. Wow, the movie was so good. I had a lot of good ideas for this movie, but in the end I decided to go with a simple scrapbook page for my cousin Emma. Emma is a 3rd grader at my school and she is a great artist. I am so lucky to be her art teacher. She is always bringing me little things that she makes. For Christmas she gave me a book 'All about owls' that she wrote and illustrated. For Valentine's day she gave me owl stickers that she made using a Xiron and a couple of drawings and a little owl picture frame.

Emma is always doing special stuff for me so I knew I had to do something to make her Christmas special this year. I decided to wrap her gift and put it inside another wrapped box, over and over.....he he....she is the perfect age to enjoy that sort of thing. We actually needed to leave that night before present time, but I made the girls open the gifts from us before we left because I wanted to watch Emma open her present....we were late for my family's Christmas eve celebration, but it was worth it. Emma laughed and laughed as she opened box after box! It is a great memory and this challenge inspired me to 'scrap' it. The other requirement for this challenge was to use polka dots, I had a large piece of vellum and I used it for the back ground. I don't think anything about the movie "Emma" could be created without using a flower of some kind I punched out a bunch of little flowers and put colorful brads in the middle.


Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

You're a good cousin, she loved it I bet!

zukesgirl said...

WONDERFUL --- The flowers are perfect --- those are some cute pictures too!