Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few things that are Close to My Heart....

Everything you will see was made using Close to My Heart products minus one punch on the 'thank you card'. Anyway, the first card below is a little tri-folded purse that I use at gatherings to entice people to book a party. Inside is a piece of candy. I give everyone a penny and they can either wager it for the candy/card treat or keep it. IF they choose to wager it or gamble their penny away, they get to keep the candy and the card, but they MIGHT have to host the next gathering. Inside some of them I put a note explaining how to set up a gathering. I have booked several this way! I made a newer, holiday version of this with nuggets wrapped in silver and gold...if they get the 'golden ticket' they have to be the next hostess. I will post a pic soon!

This little card is a tiny thank you card that I include with all of my receipts. I make up a bunch at a time so they have to be quick and easy. It is a non-traditional size, 3X4.5 I think....Anyway, they are really easy, just a piece of patterned paper, trimmed with scalloped scissors, a stamped sentiment from Annotations punched with a hand held punch adhered with foam square and some ribbon! Easy as pie!

Okay, this card is also very easy.....unless you stamp the word 'HAPPY" upside down like I did!! Ahh!! I just noticed that! All well! I made this card by stamping the Annotations shape twice, it will be easy to fix because all I have to do is stamp the middle again and glue it over the raised up part. The paper is from Perfect day. And then I added a couple of brads.

The next two cards are both cards that I did for home gatherings. Basic stamping, cutting and a little bit of bling. The first one has a Vintage Christmas stamp with some prisma glitter. I gave everyone the option of glittering....and a choice on 2 colors of ribbon.

This card has some non-traditional blue paper...It isn't even Christmas paper! It is from a spring paper pack....I can't think of the name...Anyway, this card has some paper piercing and a rhinestone in the middle of the snowflake. Super easy!! I demonstrated how to add some distressing on this card as an option!

I have been making things like crazy lately!!! I just need to put finishing touches on most of the stuff...I am a little crazy with my Christmas cards....I can't mass-produce...every single card has to be a little different...and a mini-masterpiece! I will be posting tons of them soon!


Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your cards. The Saturday Cinema card is stunning, elegant.

Cassie said...

Your cards are beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!