Monday, November 10, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #5

OOOH!!!I am so excited for this one!! I have seen this movie, but I remember the beauty of the book much more vividly. A friend at school recommended the book, it was one of her top favorite books. When I read it, I remember the stunning Japanese imagery. I spent most of the day searching for a picture of my cousins last Halloween dressed as Geisha girls...I had a great layout in mind...but I couldn't find the picture anywhere!! So, I decided to combine most of my ideas on this card for Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #5.

This card utilizes scraps and old stamps. The branch in the background is one of the very first wooden stamps I ever bought. The little fan is from Hobby Lobby..I never quite knew what to do with it. The flowers are from a big bag of scraps from Wal Mart....the gold paper is from my scrap box and the Japanese Characters are from a set I borrowed from my mentor teacher. I used couple of brads to hold the flowers in place. This was a fun card to make....It would be really fun to create a mini album in this style with some haiku poetry...hmmm...that is a project for another day....


Ryemilan said...

LOVE your card! It is very beautiful.

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zukesgirl said...

Just love that - great inspiration

Sherri said...

Absolutely lovely!

Becky said...

Absolutely wonderful!