Tuesday, March 6, 2012

These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you.

New York was incredible.

It was the most memorable 'leap-day-trip' and I will never forget it. 

As a kid, I would go away to church camp every summer around the ages of about 12-15. At camp, I was able to immerse myself in amazingly spiritual things.

Beyond that, I found myself having incredible relationships, building a language with my peers that I could never imagine with my school friends.

 At the end of the week, I would be so emotionally drained and so exhausted that I would get home and for a few weeks, it never failed, I would enter into a sort of depression. Even though I knew that I would always be able to look forward to camp again the next year....it would never be like THAT camp. And after all of the build up, all the excitement of being away from home, around cute boys, it was such a disappointment that it was all over.

I just got back from New York City.

And it was my very first time. It made me feel like a kid again.

And I can honestly say that no trip will ever be like THAT NYC trip.

I had never really thought New York was my top fantasy destination, but when Josie emailed asking if I wanted to go, and nothing was holding me back.....the pressure inside started building.

The excitement and anticipation for this trip meant that for months, I would get this tense elated tightness in my chest, followed by an inner (and sometimes audible) squeal, usually accompanied by hand flapping and a perma-smile.

It was my early-onset-NYC-turrets.

It was an instant, spontaneous nervous twitch if the thought of going to New York popped into my head.

The 'turrets' started months ago....and continued all the way through the trip. That excited nervous tension inside, even while we were walking in the pouring rain a thousand blocks with our rolling suitcases and umbrellas to our hostel after the cab driver did not know where to go, I got that same squeal and huge smile because we were in 'NEW YORK!'

On Sunday night, after only being home for a few hours....it hit me. The trip was over. As good as my own bed would feel (and my feet were incredibly happy to have my boots off), there was nothing left to squeal and hand flap about....the buildup, the actual spiritual adventure is over and now the 'camp depression' was setting in....TIMES A MILLION.

I know there will be more trips to plan, and anticipate...but there was something so special about this trip. I haven't really been on any art trips since college, and all of those were with a large group, so the fact that I was bummin' with one other gal made the experience so much more visceral, more real, more intimate.

It was so much more magical than I ever thought....

I'm pretty sure that I need to go back every year...now that I know it is there.....and how amazing it is....I won't be able to stay away.

 I could go on and on about my experiences (did I mention that I saw the Starry Night?!), it was seriously on of my favorite trips ever. I'm feeling depressed, but also inspired.

We made lists of all the places we were going to try to go each day. It was a whirlwind.
We saw lots of really cute dogs around the city.

Here is Josie meeting Eric Fischl. Wow. Her panel presentation was at the exact same moment that I got my award. So we didn't get to hear each other speak.
Giving my award speech.

Yarn bomb!

Went to see the Brooklyn bridge on the foggiest day of the year. Now I have to go back!

A few minutes at ground zero was more than enough for me......

LOVED the Lomography store!! I bought a spinner 360 camera. Can't wait to develop the prints!

Oh New York!

Here is the eccentric Chuck Close. I think he is actually a wizard trying to pass for a muggle (maybe Dumbledore?)
Ah Ben Franklin!

And that it folks! I really thought I would take more photos, but we walked so much that it was a pain to carry around all of my gear. And it rained almost the whole time I was there and it was impossible to operate a camera and an umbrella.

Thanks for reading.

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