Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to Style Long Hair: The Maiden Headband Wrap

 Recently, I discovered the most amazing hairstyle for long hair.

It can easily be done with any elastic headband.

I love it because it looks super fancy, bit it is really simple. It would be perfect for a date night, a work day, or even a relaxing day of shopping!!
 Step 1: Put an elastic headband on over top of your hair. Any stretchy headband will work.

TIP: make a little ‘puff’ on the back of your head by lifting up the top layer and back combing it a little bit before you put on the head band. I didn’t do that for this tutorial….but this style looks pretty when I remember to do that....I didn't do it today because I had my hair up all day at school, and I took these photos around 4:30 pm...

Step 2 Wrap a length of hair from the front of your face around and through the headband like this:
**This style would look pretty just having a few of the front strands wrapped around the headband.

Step 3: Repeat with the rest of your hair, wrapping small sections through the headband. So easy!

Step 4: When you get most of your hair wrapped, take the little ‘pony tail’ section and push it around and into the rolls. Tuck in any loose ends.  

Step 5: Pull down some sections from the front for face framing.

 You can wrap your head in this headband style one day or night (slightly damp is even better) and the next day you will have long ringlet curls!
 Go ahead and try it with all of your elastic headbands to find the one that is most comfortable for you!!

You could even accessorize with a little flower or bow tucked into one side for spring.

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sparkling cyanide said...

Wish I could do this...but the headband as soon as I put it on my head it pings off or it just slides out as I'm completing the style! :(

Anonymous said...

When you're doing the back part of the hairstyle after you loop the hair around the headband bobby pin the loop in place. I was able to get my layered chin length hair in this style so it should work.