Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Owl Stamp....

But I am sure it will not be my last. I love owls!! I know that some people think they are kinda creepy, but I was loving owls before they ever came on the design was sort of a coincidence when they became popular and my friends were shocked that there could be so many owl accessories, purses, and stamps that were all tailored to me! Now, they are just as freaked about owl stuff as I am when they hit antique malls! Anyway, I attended a birthday party this weekend for my cousin's daughter. She is also one of my students and she really loves art. I decided that she needed her own set of chalk pastels and oil pastels and fancy art paper like we use at school. Here is the card and gift bag that I made for her. She knows that I love owls too!! When I arrived at the birthday party, (late) she was so excited to make me jealous with her new OWL t-shirt....and I was so excited to finally show off my owl stamp!

1 comment:

Sankari W. said...

it's owl-licous :)

your gift is both eautiful and personalized! i love owls too - you have inspired me to go and get owls out ! have a great friday!